About Us

What distinguishes Sitex from other companies is our singular commitment to the clients we serve. Their satisfaction and trust is of utmost importance to us and we work hard to achieve both ongoingly.

The Sitex Difference

Sitex Aquatics is a full-service aquatic management company that specializes in the control and prevention of nuisance aquatic weeds, underwater vegetation, and various types of algae.

Our staff members are all licensed applicators and regularly update their knowledge though seminars and continuing education programs. We continue to stay current in the latest advancements in our area of expertise and pass the benefits of the knowledge to our many clients.

Servicing the whole state of Florida, we offer fast, efficient, reliable and affordable service that will meet your needs and assure your satisfaction. Our customer base has grown steadily over time because our clients have come to trust us and have experienced the benefits of our services.

Lake and Pond Duckweed - Before Treatment
Lake and Pond Duckweed - After Treatment

Our Commitment to You

Our greatest commitment to our clientele is the short and long term beauty, enjoyment and health of their lake and waterways. We accomplish this through a three-fold approach that ensures an unbeatable partnership:

We are committed to answer

The health and presentation of your property is what keeps your business running smoothly day-to-day. That is why we are committed to being available to make sure that your needs are met promptly and professionally with a smile.

We are committed to share.

The success of your business is the success of ours. That is why we are committed to transparency and detailed reports tracking our ongoing progress. When you know and understand that immediate and forthcoming challenges, wins, and losses… we all win.

We are committed to invest

Pristine lake environments are the result of carefully planned and executed project goals and requirements. That is why we are committed to investing the time required to be available for company and governing agency meetings and presentations.

Meet The Team

Joe Craig

Joe started Sitex Aquatics in 2016 to add a common sense & transparent approach to the management of lakes, ponds & wetlands. His desire to bring clarity, understanding & results to clients is the foundation on which he started & maintains Sitex Aquatics today. Joe’s introduction 20 years ago to the Aquatics industry as a spray technician has been instrumental in his current philosophies. His hands on experience from entry level technician to founding Sitex offers a practical approach to all aspects of the industry. While serving in the United States Marine Corps he learned discipline, leadership & attention to detail. Joe is a 3rd generation Floridian, a father of two & a husband to Andrea for over 20 years. He spends most of his free time with the family or on the water around Tampa Bay.

Tony Bert Smith
General Manager

Tony was born a Sooner but has adapted to the Florida elements like an Redfish to the mangroves after almost 30 years in Florida. His 25+ years experience in the Aquatics industry has proven time & time again that there is no replacement for putting in hard work & time. He has been extremely successful by his adaptiveness and tried & trued knowledge of what is effective in the field. His willingness to do just about anything for his clients & coworkers has proven him time & time again an extremely valuable asset. His disciplined upbringing in the livestock world coupled with his time in the United States Marine Corps has proven him to be an asset in every situation. Tony is a dedicated father of two, a very involved member of many livestock associations & all around genuine man. He dedicates the majority of his free time to a successful bucking bull breeding program & traveling to various rodeos throughout the United States.

Devon Craig
Field Operations Manager

Devon has been with Sitex & a licensed applicator since 2018. His work ethic & willingness to do just about anything has proven him to an extremely valuable asset to the company & clients. We look forward to his continued success as he grow’s with the company. In his free time he enjoys traveling & driving/riding anything with a motor & wheels.