Aquatic Weed Control

The climate in Florida is great for people, but many exotic plants have been able to take over and displace native aquatic plants in your lake.

Whether your lake or lake exists for its beauty and recreational use or for storm water retention and pollution control, excessive growth of pollution plants will adversely affect water quality and property values. We have taken great care and spent much time learn how to control and eliminate weeds in your ponds and lakes.

Lake and Pond Duckweed - After Treatment
Lake and Pond Duckweed - Before Treatment

Shoreline Brush & Grass Spraying

We strongly believe in the use of the best management practices available for safe and cost-effective weed controls. When treatment is used, well-trained, state-certified water technicians and biologists apply it. Each product is registered with the EPA, tested, and found safe.

Floating & Underwater Vegetation Treatments

Time, money, and great care has been invested into learning how to control and eliminate weeks in ponds and lakes. Every water body is different and they all serve different purposes. Some may require nutrient deactivation while other may need biological control and product treatments.

Algae Control Applications

Generally, nutrients are good, but anything excessive can lead to problems. Nutrient cancellation use agents that bind to these nutrients and make them inaccessible to plants can improve lake conditions quickly and allow time for other methods to work.

Physical Removals

Sometimes it may be appropriate to remove plants by hand or machine when the area of invasion of plants is small or located. Keep in mind that nothing guarantees that a weed will never return, but a program that includes regular checks on site and mechanical removal of harmful plants before they take over will go a long way to keep your property balanced.