Fountains & Aeration

A striking water feature enhances the landscape of any property, be it for your own small backyard oasis or a planned community.

Some people prefer a naturalized countryside with clean, sparkling water and no surface spray, while others want a fountain’s dramatic flair. Sitex Aquatics offers solutions for any size pond, offering a wide range of products from aerating surface spray fountains to subsurface aeration systems. Our systems improve your water environment and can treat the causes of water quality problems effectively by inducing oxygen into the water column and consuming excess nutrients to make the lake clean, healthy and attractive. Combine lights with any of our surface spray products for showcasing your water feature at night.

Lake Fountain - Sitex Aquatics

New Fountain Sales & Installation

The choice of the right system is critical and depends on the amount of water vegetation, the desired visual effect and the power available. When determining aeration vs. aesthetic needs, know that aeration systems should provide a minimum of 2.2lbs. or 1 kg of oxygen per horsepower hour, and produce pumping rates of 400GPM or 86m3/hr per horsepower. Recommended sizing is 2HP per surface acre when using these products for water quality management.

Quarterly Maintenance Programs

To guarantee your fountain is always in working condition, we offer quarterly preventative maintenance programs. We inspect and ensure everything is working. Most times, we can spot problem areas and avoid catastrophes that comes with neglecting any water feature.

Fountain Repair

Sitex Aquatics is an Authorized Distribution and Repair Center for Otterbine. All Otterbine products meet rigid standards of quality and all products are tested before they leave our shipping docks. In addition, Otterbine products are tested independently to ensure that they deliver the water quality when you need it!