Vegetation Removal

While today's herbicides have come a long way, in many instances they are not allowed to be introduced or may be unwanted by the customer.

Lakes and ponds are breeding grounds for Cattails and other invasive species that clog the shoreline and wreak havoc on your waterbody's ecosystem. Sometimes, chemicals and herbicides may not be an option.

Depending on the application, our physical removal service removes vegetation by hand or by machine, whichever is appropriate. This process is much more labor intensive and expensive compared to a program, but provides an instantaneous result.

CT Removal 2 Before
CT Removal 2 After
CT Removal 1 Before
CT Removal 1 After

Cattail Removal

Cattails grow in dense clusters up to 10' high and can completely take over a shoreline up to 4 feet of water. After cattails die, through natural death or herbicide, they can take over a year to decompose. Our crews can handle most physical removal jobs and rid your shoreline of cattails.

Herbicide vs Physical Removal

Our monthly maintenance plans are typically used in conjunction with regular herbicide spraying and using the natural process of decomposition. Physical removal circumvents the decomposition process and provides instant gratification at a cost.